3d graphics in movie Nevzorov
3D Graphics in Alexander Nevzorov 2 series movie about cruelty to horses which was broadcast on the ORT channel.

FinalUniversity DIPLOMA work: Using 3d graphics inmovie art.
Took 3 rdplace in international competition EcoDesign.

This movie is about a tragic and unimaginable fate of a horse.

It is about thoroughgoing and merciless war, waged by the masters of Haute Ecole on brutishness, ignorance and meanness, whose tip of the sword a so-called equestrian sport became.

Here in «A horse, crucified and risen» the fates of men and horses are intertwined.

Here contemporary scientific researches, studies of best forensic experts and top veterinarians are becoming answers to the calls of enigmatic prophecies of Haute Ecole books.

Here, in «A horse, crucified and risen»first time all the proofs of criminal nature of man’s amusement — equestrian sport — are shown at the levels of clarity, cogency and validity as never before.

Here is the story of Haute Ecole’s inspiring genius Antoine de Pluvinel, and the splendid solutions of all mysteries hidden deep in mysterious manuscripts of Knights Templar.